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Ronnie Corbett began his successful show business career in the early 1950s. Amongst many other things he performed on stage with Danny La Rue in a cacophony of well received variety and cabaret shows.

It was whilst performing in these shows that Corbett attracted the attention of several top TV producers and executives who were impressed with his abilities as a stand up comedian, compare and all round entertainer.

His big break came during the 1960s when he was asked to join the cast of the hugely popular “Frost Report” which included the likes of John Cleese and of course David Frost.

The show also saw him performing alongside Ronnie Barker for the very first time. All aspects of the “Frost Report” were very funny but some of the most enjoyable involved Barker and Corbett who shared a rare comic chemistry between each other.

The rest is history – the Two Ronnies had arrived together – it was simply comic genius, Barker and Corbett were made for each other, a pairing that was just destined to be. Later on the “Two Ronnies” show was born on BBC 1 and remained incredibly popular well into the late eighties.

Ronnie remains one of the most loved and respected comedy performers the UK has ever produced.

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